Secrets to Detailing a Car

downloadDetailing a car might seem easy, but in fact it is something that you need to learn before you start doing it. Most people believe that it’s just car washing, but this kind of car washing is something that’s going to make your car run smooth and nice. That is why it is important to know the secrets to detailing a car, and in order to get them for you, we’ve travelled to a Newcastle car wash, and asked them all about it. And here’s what they had to say.

Beside using all the standard tricks, such as using two buckets of water for detailing, or using a microfibre cloth to wash the car, you need to know some other, more complicated secrets, such as the one that states that you can use a plastic bag to inspect the surface of the car paint. You see, you can never be sure that you’ve removed every trace of dirt from your car’s surface, and that is why you ought o take a plastic bad, and after washing your car, inspect the paint. Put your hand in the bag and then just run it over the surface of your car. That way, you’ll feel every little bump on the paint, as well as all of the imperfections. Try it out, and you won’t believe just how effective it is.

Most people have trouble with drying the glass, because a streak usually appears, and they just don’t know where it is, on the inside or the outside of the car window. Well, in order to figure that out, you really ought to dry your window in two directions; in a horizontal direction for the interior of the window, and in a vertical direction for the exterior of it. That way, you’ll find the streak easily, and won’t have to look for it till day’s end.

It is always better to brush your car before you start applying any chemical, and that is why brushing should always be the first course of action! Do it before you vacuum your car and the carpets, as well as the other sections of the car. For more delicate places, use a gentler brush and for the rough places, use a rougher brush. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t rush this, and should go as slow as possible in order not to damage your car in any way.

imagesStatic electricity is something that can help you out a lot, and especially when you need to remove hairs from the carpets or the seats. Just put on some latex gloves and rub your carpet with them. You’ll create static electricity that will help you pick up hairs like with a magnet or a vacuum cleaner.

With these secrets of the trade, you’ll be able to detail your car as you never have before, and by doing it properly, you’ll heal your car and allow it to run smooth and serve you for many more years.

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