The Best Men’s Shoes of 2015

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A good looking man has to look sharp, and in order to look sharp, you need to dress well. In order to be dressed well, you need to know what is fashionable, and to keep up with all the trends, but also, you can start setting your own trends. However, whatever the case may be, you still need to know what is popular today. That is why we have decided to give you the best men’s shoes of the year of 2015, so that you’d know what’s in at the moment. So, check this out, and see it any of these shoes appeal to you; and if they do, get up and get them. Because, as we have already said, in order to look great you need to dress great, and the shoes are one of the most important part of

1 – Rubber-sole Oxford

This shoe by Johnston and Murphy is completely versatile and extremely comfortable. It has a rubber sole, as the very name of it suggests, but it is rendered in such a way to look as if it was a refined leather sole. These shoes cost around $155, which is not a lot for such a great shoe.

2 – Suede Plimsoll

Not many people have heard of Plimsolls, and that is exactly why we are going to present them to you. They are not really sneakers; they are more of a suede shoe that has a really thin sole made out of rubber. They are beige in color, and are starting to be more popular than ever. They come from John Lobb, and cost about $670.

3 – Leather Derby

Derby is the classic among the shoes, and this Church’s shoe is considered to be really classy and rather simple. In fact, they are made from only one piece of leather, which means that there is absolutely no room for any kind of flaws. However, the complexity of the crafting of the shoe does have a drawback – a price of over $820.

4 – Leather Sneaker

This Bally’s shoe is a part of this whole upscale sneaker trend that seems to be taking over. And the good side of that is the fact that you can get a hold of a sneaker that is really comfortable, and that is really well made. As we all know, this company has been making shoes for more than 160 years, and that is why this shoe was made to fit like a glove. It should also be said that these shoes are not that great for working out, they are just for everyday life, and because they cost around $495, we wouldn’t recommend doing anything that would wore them (1)

5 – Suede Desert Boot

These Suedes are not as clunky as we have expected them to be, and this makes them stand out from all the other desert boots. It is extremely functional, and it is durable, which is, of course, their main purpose. What’s awesome about them is the fact that you can take them out to the desert or the woods, or you can even wear them to work. They cost around $140, which basically means that almost everyone can afford them.